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    flexible fields?



      flexible fields?


           i quite new at this, but would like to know if this is possible?

           In list view, all my fields at the top of the page. ie. code, name, surname, conatact number etc.

           I would like to know if these field can be flexible to the user.

           eg. the user would like to view the fields in this order. surname name, code, contact number. and then have the option to add the field address.

           User would also like the option to view these in acending or decending order.

           Itunes is a perfect example of an application that works simialr to what im trying to explain.



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               In list view, you'd need to do some scripting to hide/reveal the added field. The simplest way for a newbie to do this is to create two layouts that are identical (use duplicate layout to create the second copy of the layout) and add that field to one of the two, then use a button to switch between the layouts in order to hide/reveal the extra field. Other buttons can be used to sort the records.

               Or you can use Table View

               This has those capabilities and more built in, you can click on column headers to sort and the modify button can add/remove columns. I don't personally recommend that approach even though it has these capabilities, because other aspects of table view tend to make it harder for the general user to use. I tend to use table view as a "developer only" view of the data where it is very helpful in resolving issues with the design of a database.