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Flicker Problems

Question asked by SmallTown on Sep 24, 2009
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Flicker Problems


Using FMServer 9 Adv w/Windows 2003 SP2, WorkStations FMPro 9.0v3 w/Windows XP SP3 Monitors Dell 3008 30" NVIDIA Quadro NVS290 Video Card. Main layout covers the full monitor and has Three different tab control area's. The first tab control area has three tabs with one portal per tab and they expand the full length of the display. The second tab control area has three portals on the first tab and four portals on the second tab. The third tab control area has four tabs and one portal per tab. This file is used by four workstations 24/7. Any time data is changed or entered in one position the others update correctly in the portals but the view sometimes refreshes several times, or flickers. Original layout design was viewed at 150 zoom level. I redisigned the layout to be larger so the zoom level is at 100 and this cut down the refresh or flickering by 75%. The flicker is still there, any idea on how to reduce the flicker even more? My thought was just the portals would refresh but not the whole view.