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           I want a button that when it is clicked has a pop up floating or non floating edit box specific to that record. for example Order Entry and we click a button called Status.. then my employyes can update that status of an order as it goes through production.

             Perhpas it can have a checkbox list to basd off of a values list.  I can create that but just don't know how to make it an edit box that isn't showing the entire time.


           THANKS in advance.


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          Home > Reference > Script steps reference > Miscellaneous script steps > Show Custom Dialog

               Click Specify to display the “Show Custom Dialog” Options dialog box, where you can set the dialog box title, message text, and buttons, and specify up to three fields to use for input or display.



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                 THANKS!.  I was there before but never used the Input window.  However,  I an trying to get an text window that we can type in info as the order goes throu production.  Line after line.  Like when shirts are received in we can go to the orde , click the button and the type Shirts Rec'd.  Jose.  Then the next day, " Order is on hold. wrong sizs came in"    and so on.   Where we can type any info and as much as we need for this order.

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                   For a more sophisticated dialog box than can be achieved with Show Custom Dialog, you can use the New Window script step to open a new window followed by Go to Layout to take the new window to a layout where you have set up the desired layout design to support what you want for data entry. Your multiple line input may be best supported by a portal, but it's not the only option--a list or table might also work in that dialog box.

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                     Thanks!   I will work on it.   I understand that work flow but I need to watch a tutorial to tweakmy knowledge on scripts.   I am wondering if it will open a new dialog window for each record or open one that has info from the previous record.  I will check it out.