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    Floating Labels



      Floating Labels


      I'm using Avery labels (5163) which is a 4" wide by 2" high label.


      When I print, the labels are "floating up." In other words, the first line of the address keeps getting closer to the top of the physical label and eventually (by the time it gets to the bottom of the page), is printing outside the label.


      When I check the layout of the label layout, the specification is correct -- the label is defined as 2" high. I also checked the page margins, which I had to set to .25" all around.


      I'm putting a lot of information on the label, so I don't have very much extra space to fool around with.  


      All suggestions are appreciated. Note that my main interest is to get this to work as it's supposed to work. I don't want to have to establish workarounds every time I use labels.


      All suggestions are appreciated.... Thank you. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          If your fields are set to Sliding up, make sure that you don't have "Also reduce the size of the enclosing part".  That would reduce the size of the label.


          Under Object Info, click on the Body, and it should display in the bottom two boxes:




          How does it appear in Preview?  Is there a gap at the bottom?


          Any additional information you can provide would be helpful.



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            Thank you for you help. I actually fixed this by myself and by accident! :-)


            I never heard of a sliding object before, so based on your suggestion, I figured out what that was. Note that I did not have sliding on. So I turned it on.


            When I was fooling around with the address object, I noticed that there was a square with handles surrounding the address fields. I guess that's the "object." It looked too big so I made it smaller (narrowed the height). It worked perfect after that.


            Again, thank you.