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    Floating windows across multiple screens



      Floating windows across multiple screens


      This may be a feature request but hopefully im missing something.


      I have two monitors connected to my computer.


      When I edit a script I can have my main database window open on the right hand monitor and I can have the script edit window open on my left hand monitor.



      I want to be able to have one database window open on my left hand monitor and one or more databases window open on the right hand monitor.


      Is this possible?


      If it is, that would be amazing! Applications like adobe photoshop allow you to do this and its really useful for working on multiple things using the same program.

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          In FMP, while in browse mode, have you tried clicking on Window > New Window and then moving that window to the desired screen?


          You can have multiple windows open of the same database in Filemaker.

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            yes but it seems constrained by the boundaries of the main filemaker window.


            If I open the script editor, I can move this independently onto the other screen.



            Its just database widnows that seem to be stuck inside the main filemaker window.



            Maybe this is just windows xp/vista/7 ?

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              I did this once when I needed to use a projector to display one screen for a large audience and a second for controlling the database and also the display screen.


              I found I could Stretch the filemaker application window so that it completely spanned the two monitors. The left hand window edge was on the left edge of my left monitor and the right edge of the window was on the right edge of the right monitor.


              If I'd had more time, I would have experimented with Kiosk mode to see how it behaved in a two monitor environment.

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                Steve Wright

                Kiosk mode will not offer the flexibility on multi monitors, its difficult, well impossible to manage them since you cannot drag the window where you want.  It becomes maximised on the primary display, from what I recall anyway.


                The only way is 'as suggested' to stretch the filemaker parent window to span all screens, of course the limitation here is when they are running at different resolutions..  It can also look ugly.


                I would love to see an option made available for changing the behaviour on windows from MDI to SDI (multiple / single document interface)  I think with the route they are taking we may well see this one day.. but if we do... it would really need to be an option we could specify, rather than the ONLY way.

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                  yes this would be an amazing feature.


                  It would open up a world of new opportunities for the filemaker user.


                  With the multiple independent window mode, you could effectively have small little self contained 'apps' or databases accomplishing individual tasks with multiple window instances of the same database showing different layouts so information can be called upon much quicker.


                  In our scenerio we use an industry specific program that our engineers use all day every day, they have this open on one screen and on the other they have filemaker, word and microsoft outlook.


                  We have 3 databases, one that is the main customer relationship management system, the other that is a vehicle checker that checks vehicle registration details by importing an xml file using open url, the final database is a documents file that the engineers attach documents to.


                  If the above could be windowed across multiple monitors it would be a huge huge time saver and make the system much more flexible.,


                  Fingers crossed filemaker will develop this into a up and coming version release.