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FM 10 - Scripting/Trigger Question

Question asked by wkparkjoe on Mar 11, 2014
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FM 10 - Scripting/Trigger Question


     I'm currently using FM10 Server Advanced to host an IWP form that we use to track new hiring processes (what steps the new hire are on in the hiring process).

     I have two fields setup, one as a checkbox called "Required Lifting Evaulation?" and the other is "Lifting Evaluation Result". What I'd like to have happen is if the required checkbox is blank, then the result text box should say "N/A". If the check box is checked but there is something in the result text box already, don't blank it out or change it. Only change it to/from "N/A" if the result text box is blank to begin with.

     I haven't figured out a good way to handle this through IWP. Any suggestions?