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FM 10 Pro Advanced Print greyed out

Question asked by accuraterealty on Nov 8, 2009
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FM 10 Pro Advanced Print greyed out


Im making a contract database, and have basically finished it up, but today the print button is greyed out. I dont know why. Im working on the file, not the stand-alone program. I've never changed permissions, so it shouldnt be that.

- I've tried to print every layout, and the print button is greyed on on every page.

- I can print from other programs, and i can copy + paste the layouts into other programs and print.

- I'm runnign 10.6.1, but had no problems yesterday. I dont beilve I've done any updates since. 

- If i make a new database, i cant print

- If i save as, i cant print

- I can change the print setup options, just cant print.

- Scripts that print dont work, so nether do PDF scripts (ill check that later) 


I'll check to make sure there are no updates, and I'll check to see if I can PDF. I'll also open it up on another comp and try to print there. Prolly just this comp.


Any ideas why the print menu would be greyed out?