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FM 10 Pro Hanging for Remote Users

Question asked by jkcollins on Mar 26, 2010
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FM 10 Pro Hanging for Remote Users


We are running FileMaker Pro Server 10 on a Windows server running Server 2008 64 bit.  We access the server remotely using Terminal Services across a VPN.


When the users access the server they select a shortcut that opens FileMaker Pro 10 and the appropriate database.  Lately the FileMaker splash screen opens and then hangs there.  Once this happens any other remote users who try and log in expereince the same problem.


One other piece of information when I try and kill the process, system manager will not kill it.


In order to "fix" the problem it is necessary to reboot the server.


The problem does not effect our users who reside in the same location as the server and who load FileMaker from their desktop and then access the file.


Thank you