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FM 11 - Globally disable Quick Find

Question asked by XsTatiC on Mar 10, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2010 by MattHirons


FM 11 - Globally disable Quick Find


Is there a way to Globally disable Quick Find in FileMaker 11. 


Our database is pretty big.  Well over 100 layouts.  I don't wish to either a) go through and disable Quick Find on each layout or, b) specifically flag which fields are to be used in Quick Find on each layout. 


That's pretty crazy.


Right now though it just doesn't work for our situation... and it's default behaviour is slowing down our system.  With 100,000+ records and many, many fields and linked tables the Finds are taking minutes to get a result set and effecting our server ( which is a brand new Xserve with lots of RAM ). 


So, yeah... wondering if there's a possible way to disable the Quick Find... or remove it from the Standard Command bar.


Thank you.