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FM 11 adv. Conditional Value List with Depth

Question asked by mihaly on Jul 28, 2011
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FM 11 adv. Conditional Value List with Depth


Hi all,

need some help with the following problem. I am making a database with products and invoices. For a costprice calculation, i need the price for the shipment of a container.

Products are shipped from a port to a destination in a specific container. 

There are serveral ports (Shanghai, Hong Kong etc), with several destinations (Rotterdam, Hamburg etc) in different containers (40' dry cargo, 40 feet high cube etc).

My take on this is:

Product Table:

  • __pk_product_ID
  • _fk_transportation_ID
  • Port
  • Destination
  • container price

Transportation table with

  • __pk_TransportationPrice_ID
  • Port (value list with all values from Port table)
  • Destination (value list with values related values from Products Table)
  • container (value list with values from Container Table)
  • Price (inserted with above specifications, port and destination)

Port Table with:

  • __pk_Port_ID
  • Port

Destination Table with:

  • __pk_Destination_ID
  • Destination

Container Table with:

  • __pk_container_ID
  • container
  • specifications (like cubic meters)

My problem is the relationship to make it work.

product table -->transportation table

_fk_transportation_ID <-----------__pk_transportation_ID

transportation table -->port table

_fk_port_ID <-----------__pk_Port_ID

transportation table --> destination table


transportation table --> container table


After that i am pretty must it to work with 1 level....but after that nothing. Any help on this would be much apreciated....

btw....i read the several info on it...but its not working for me