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    FM 11 Advanced



      FM 11 Advanced


      I had been trying FM 11...have to say I don't  like it....The worst thing was the problems I had making a runtime solution. Had no problems with 10, so I have gone back to it.

      Also did not like the way you have to format the fields, that floating menu is awful, especially with middle aged eyes...


      ah well, software development continues...hope the next interation is better...




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          I thought it might be me.... glad to see others have the same issue with the new floating pallette for "doing it all".  I liked being able to right click (and yes I do work on my MacBook Pro without a mouse).  Using the trial, I didn't see where I could import tables, is that an Advanced feature.  I use Advanced 10.  I did not find anything yet to convince me to upgrade, as of yet. 


          I started with on Windows with 3/4, then upgraded to 5/6.  It took a bit to get used to 7.  But by the time 8 came out I loved it.  I used 8 Advanced until 10 Advanced was released.  11, as with 9, just hasn't wow'ed me.  Reading the feature list was like reading that I could use iWeb to make my own blog or put a family album on the 'net.  I couldn't really use it to set up a basic site for my small business. 

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            Steve Wright

            I agree they should have left the right click menu's in place, but the new toolbar is great in my opinion.

            They could have set the keyboard short-cuts to focus the inspector on the correct tab for instance, and if it is not open, to open it on the correct tab, but since a lot of FM is mouse driven anyway the lack of short cut keys is not that major for me.


            Lets take 1 field....

            How long does it take you to do the following in FM10 or earlier 


            1. Format > Align Text > Bottom

            2. Right click > Set Tooltip > Click OK

            3. Right Click > Field Control > Borders > Left / Bottom > Click OK

            4. Right Click > Field Control > Setup > Display as Dropdown Calendar > Click Ok

            5. Right Click > Field Control > Behaviour > Go to Next Object using Tab, Enter, Return > Click OK


            Using the inspector, all the actions are there, ready.


            1. Click Appearance Tab > Click align bottom

            2. Type Tool tip 

            3. Click Relevant Borders

            4. Click Data > Choose Drop down calendar

            5. Click tab / enter / return 


            Or have 3 inspector windows open, so you don't even need to change tabs, of course a larger screen is then an advantage.

            For me... that compared to a multiple different dialog boxes is a huge productivity boost.  You just have to get used to it.


            Also, a major advantage (well not at the moment) will be the layout re-draw / flicker on windows machines...

            I say not at the moment, because portal scrolling is messed up big-time making it worse than ever.. but if they sort that out and you deploy on windows machines, this alone should be worth an upgrade to V11, with or without new features.

            Even if you develop in V10 and deploy for V11.


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              I sent you a Private Message.  (in the upper right of the screen, a small envelope under the search bar)