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FM 11 crash with specific file, can't solve

Question asked by Federico on May 19, 2010
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FM 11 crash with specific file, can't solve


Hi, my name is Federico. I work with FileMaker 11 Advanced in Mac OSX 10.6.3.

FileMaker crashes very often while i am working on a specific solution, and runs properly with other files. I tried to clone an older backup (i had to redo some work) but, after some hours of work, problems again.

I am developing this solution in data-interface separation. I have only 4 tables and about 10 layouts and scripts, for the moment. This solution was created with FM 10 Advanced, and after the update i began to work on it with FM 11. There are only few records for testing, but there is a layout with about 400 fields and 6 portals. I use container fields to make buttons: for a while i supposed they were the cause of my troubles, so i remade them after cloning again the files. Same story: everything ok for some hours, than FM crashed when i resumed my computer from Stop; reopened the files, i was modifying a portal when crashed again. I've noticed that often crashes when i modify the 400 fields layout. May the problem depend on the big number of fields?

Another thing: i've modified the relational graph to fit it to anchor-buoy rules. But i didn't need to change so much...


Many thanks!