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FM 11 Permissions Issue Between Tables

Question asked by CaseyRodriguez on Mar 13, 2014
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FM 11 Permissions Issue Between Tables



     Recently I was assisting an employee who was having a problem when working between tables. When accessing the database she would use her username that was allowed "All Access" but after signing in for the first table the following tables would not accept her username and password. Our standard user with "read only" access would work for the following tables.

     This would prevent her from being able to edit/change information and she would then have to forward this information to another colleague who also has all access.

     My assumption is that she has permissions with the first part of the table but other tables in the database are not giving her access. 

     I looked over her permissions and also the table relationships. What can I do to ensure that her username and password can be used on all of the tables she is trying to access?


     Casey Rodriguez

     RSD Technology Support Specialist