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FM 11 Pro on Server 2008 x64

Question asked by MattH77 on May 19, 2010
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FM 11 Pro on Server 2008 x64


Hi all,


I searched through the system requirements and the forums and couldn't find a similar post with answers, sorry if this is a repost!

I've got a client that is running FM 4 on Server 2003, and it is time to upgrade their hardware and software.  I want to move them to Server 2008 x64, and want to know if FM11 pro will run on 2008 x64?  And would i need to upgrade the clients from FM4 to 11 as well, or will they still connect to FM11 fine?

I understand that FM4 files will be able to be hosted on FM11,  but don't know if I need the clients to be running a newer version than 4.

I appreciate any help answering these questions! Thanks!!