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FM 11 Pro: Corrupt Remote File - Help to diagnose problem!

Question asked by NedCarpenter on Aug 15, 2011
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FM 11 Pro: Corrupt Remote File - Help to diagnose problem!



This is my first post but I usually do a reasonable job of scavenging for the information I need just by reading the forums. Thank you very much so far. This time it is not so easy. I would be grateful for any help and suggestions. Please bear in mind my limitations (outlined below):


In Manage Database, Fields tabs: Cannot scroll down beyond certain fields in a particular table. Filemaker hangs and must be forced to quit.

Cannot open the table RELATIONSHIP tab in Manage Layout. Again filemaker hangs and must be forced to quit.

Filemaker hangs (whirlpool/beach ball of death) indefinitely when clicking on some tabs/layouts (scripts disabled).

Many other terrifying symptoms: e.g. Hangs when modifying certain fields for certain records on certain layouts!


Thinking/hoping that the problem might be to do with a single corrupt record, I have tried to follow "Removing Corrupt Records From a File"(Answer ID: 4666).

Did not find a particular record that caused system to hang, but when trying to add the primary key to a blank layout based on the suspected table (called QUOTE), again filemaker hangs and whirlpool and paled out screen and BOOM! Perhaps I have identified the Table that seems to be the problem



Running FM Pro ADV accessing a remote file running on a server (can't disconnect or disable file from use, require for some operations).


Again, thanks in advance for any help.