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FM 11: Scripting Quick Find

Question asked by g1zm0d0 on Mar 10, 2010
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FM 11: Scripting Quick Find


Has anyone figured out a meaningful way to run a script based off Quick Find results? We have our own implementation of Quick Find we've been using for quite sometime and I'd love to get it off the layout and into the status bar. The problem lies in how FileMaker has implemented this.


Ideally, if Get(FoundCount) > 1 after performing a Quick Find, I would like to drop the user into a list view showing the list of all results, otherwise if Get(FoundCount) = 1 then drop them into a single record view,or notify the user if Get(FoundCount) = 0.


I know from the few hours I've been using FM 11 that you can't directly interact with the Quick Find other than Get(QuickFindText) and the 'Perform Quick Find' script step. The former is only updated after the Quick Find is executed. I was thinking of storing Get(QuickFindText) in a global variable and running a script via a trigger OnRecordLoad to go to the necessary layout based on the found set, however, since the Quick Find box doesn't clear out automatically after the find it becomes irrelevant.


Anyone have any ideas? I was hoping to be able to use Quick Find in a meaningful way, but it's not looking like that will be possible.