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FM 12 05 Advanced Menu ...

Question asked by synergy46 on Oct 26, 2013
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FM 12 05 Advanced Menu ...


     Am I being delusional?

     I am creating 'multi lingual' menus that respond to a language dropdown.  It uses my English based menus and assigns global variables as Override Titles and Title Names.  This works well.

     Filemaker has an excellent [FORMAT] menu that has Font/Text Color etc...

     However, when I create a 'new' Format menu I am unable to add the FileMaker Font/Text Color etc as 'under menus'.

     Why don't I just use the FM Menu?  Because I need to rename the menu according to the language selected.  (Done through global variables assigned to the custom menu choices.  But FM does not allow me to assign another 'name' to the FM [FORMAT] menu.

     So, is there a work around for this situation?

     Thanks for your comments.