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    FM 12 05 Advanced Menu ...



      FM 12 05 Advanced Menu ...


           Am I being delusional?

           I am creating 'multi lingual' menus that respond to a language dropdown.  It uses my English based menus and assigns global variables as Override Titles and Title Names.  This works well.

           Filemaker has an excellent [FORMAT] menu that has Font/Text Color etc...

           However, when I create a 'new' Format menu I am unable to add the FileMaker Font/Text Color etc as 'under menus'.

           Why don't I just use the FM Menu?  Because I need to rename the menu according to the language selected.  (Done through global variables assigned to the custom menu choices.  But FM does not allow me to assign another 'name' to the FM [FORMAT] menu.

           So, is there a work around for this situation?

           Thanks for your comments.





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               Hi Ron,

               I think that you will find that the Format menu items are automatically translated to the language placed first in the list of languages of the System Preferences Language tab. 

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                 That seems logical.

                 But, after cloning my .fmp12 file I selected 'French' as a region.

                 I then cloned my app and then started the CLONED app.

                 The Format Menu was in English?  

                 I have a feeling I am misunderstanding how this works. Right?




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                   Hi Ron,

                   Did you drag and drop "French" to the top of the Preferred languages list and then restart you Mac?

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                     If that is how it works, I am screwed.

                     The user selects their langauge (from 4 possible) from popup.  With the exception of FORMAT, my menu, using $$Variables, translates to that language.  What I really need is the ability to access the 'Font Size', for example, sub menu.  If I could do that I could create a Custom Menu that would emulate the FORMAT menu.  Looks like "I can't get there from here" is the fact.

                     I appreciate your thoughts.  Thanks.

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                       You could scrap the Format menu and use the Formatting bar (ribbon) instead.  It doesn't use text—just symbols.  It has Font Size among others.

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                         Hmmm, haven't tried this but I think you could also open a small floating document window with scripted buttons for applying formats to selected data in the main window. That would then give you full control over the language uses to label each such control...

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                           Great idea.  I am sure it will work.

                           But, I have encountered this:

                           With the Format Bar Showing, when I drop into a text box, I can add text, select a range of text etc but the Format buttons do not work.  But, if I drop into Edit mode and then exit edit mode, all works as expected.

                           Do you have any idea of what is going on?

                           Thank you

                           Update:  It seems like if I add the [Format] menu back into my Custom Menu, the Format Bar works as expected.  I wonder what the logic is behind that requirement?



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                             Both the Format menu and the formatting tool bar access the same menu code/system and thus are both disabled when this menu is removed. This is to better ensure a consistent user interface. (keyboard short cuts for a menu item and right button mouse menu items are also controlled via the same menu settings for the same reason.)

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                               There does not seem to be a way to 'turn off' the Font and Font Size Selection.  Is there a work around?  (Aside from the excellent idea of creating a window containing just the format buttons I need)



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                                 You could set up an auto-enter calculation that automatically removes font and font size styles on each such field...