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FM 12 Advanced Crashes

Question asked by sastickf_1 on Dec 15, 2012
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FM 12 Advanced Crashes


     I have a multi-file solution that was converted from .fp7 to .fp12 files on 9/20/12.  Prior to the conversion I had no crashes, however I have had multiple crashes since then and have lost a lot of time due to having to revert to backups, redo work, and recover.  I am interested to know if there are others that are experiencing the same type of file crashes since converting their files.  Also, I am hopeful that by providing this information that FileMaker can identify if there is a software bug that needs to be resolved in the next version update.

     Prior to the 10/23/12 12.0.3 version update, I had sudden file crashes (like I am still experiencing) as well as the solution freezes/hangups due to the "New Window" bug that seems to have been resolved.  Below is the details of what I was doing at the time of the sudden crashes.  Each of these crashes generates an Apple crash report.  (I have NOT included details from the instances in which the program froze up & I was required to force quit.  These instances were almost always due to executing the "New Window" script step & seem to have been resolved with the 10/23/12 version update.)

10/4/12 (3 crashes):

     #1 - Tried to change the script assigned to a basic artwork (square yellow) button, but the program crashed prior to even displaying the "Button Setup" window.

     #2 - Tried to change the script assigned to a global field being used as a button on a different layout, but again, the program crashed prior to even displaying the "Button Setup" window.

     #3 - Tried to change the field for a global container, but the program crashed prior to getting the "Specify Field" window.

10/25/12 (1 crash/forced quit):

     I went into a script to make one change, to revise "Perform Script" and which script was to be run as a subscript and closed out of the script, saving the changes, and I got the "beep" noise at anything I tried to do.  I opened Script Debugger to verify that no script was running and there wasn't.  I was able to "Save a (compressed) Copy" prior to force quitting the solution.

11/12/12 - FM crashed once, but I didn't document what I was doing at the time.

11/13/12 (2 crashes):

     # 1 - I changed the font size in a container field to 1 and then clicked out of the Inspector & FM crashed immediately.

     # 2 - I didn't document what I was doing at the time of the crash.  Since the prior crash, I had been working with field definitions & created global container fields for background colors.

11/26/12 (1 crash):

     I had double-clicked a button to define what script is assigned to it.  I got the spinning wheel for a while & then it crashed.

12/4/12 (1 crash):

     Files crashed again when I clicked to revise the script parameter for a script.  My script parameter was simple text.

12/11/12 (1 crash):

     Crash was instantaneous, I didn't get the spinning wheel at all.  I had thought my problem was the Time Machine backups & due to the fact that I had the external hard drive turned off, I wasn't paying attention to every move while programming & I don't know exactly what I was doing at the time of the crash.  I had either just clicked to set the script parameter or the conditional formatting for a basic artwork (square purple) button.

12/15/12 (1 crash):

     File crashed (no other files were open at the time) when I was on the main menu layout.  I had just duplicated a button, changed the text on it & double-clicked it to revise the attached script.... and it crashed instantly.  I never got to the button setup window.


      - I wondered if the hardware on my 5-year old MacBook Pro was failing since my sister had an identical MacBook & it failed this past summer, so I purchased a new MacBook with retina display, but I still have the same crashes, they just happen much faster!  (Started using new MacBook on 11/29/12.)

      - I wondered if having Time Machine running regularly was causing the crashes as the external hard drive seemed to "start-up" each time there was a crash.  I began to turn the external hard drive off while programming, but I still have the same crashes even with the hard drive & Time Machine turned off.

      - I thought the crashes were happening when I had one or both of the (2) major data files open, but I just had another crash and I only had my programming (GUI) file open at the time.

     These crashes are all very disheartening and I would very much like to know what is causing them.  I find the article linked below to be very interesting & helpful.  FileMaker, I wish you had better procedures for identifying the cause of file corruption & problems!  I have run the Consistency Check & Recover functions on copies of my programming & main data files and each time I get the message that no problems are detected.