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    FM 12 Birthday reminders



      FM 12 Birthday reminders


      I am making a contact list that will include friends' birthdays.  Is there any way to make FM 12 give me a pop-up reminder or send me an email the first of each month telling me who's birthdays are coming up?  Thanks for the help.



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          Say you have a date field in your contacts table labled "date of birth". You can then define an unstored calculation field, cBirthday, as:

          date ( Month ( date of birth ) ; day ( Date of birth ) ; Year ( Get ( currentdate ) )

          You can set up a script that performs a find like this:

          Enter find mode [] //clear the pause check box
          Set Field [Contacts::cBirthday ; Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) & "/" & Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )]
          Set Error Capture [on]
          Perform Find []
          If [ Get ( foundcount ) ]
             Show custom dialog ["Here are this month's Birthdays"]
          End If

          This can be a script that runs each time you open the file. The script can be enhanced so that it only performs the find once a month or the first time you open the file each day if you don't want to see this reminder every time you open the file.

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            Hi Phil.  First of all, thanks for the quick response.  I am having issues though.  Here are the steps I took.


            1.  created a new calculation field named "cBirthday"

            2.  pasted in your script

            3.  set caluclation result to "text"

            When I hit "OK" to finalize, it pops up "The Specified field cannot be found." and "Enter find mode" is highlighted.  

            It won't let me confirm the script.  Sorry for the follow-up.  

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              The calculation result should be date, not text.

              What I have posted here starting with "enter find mode" is a script you create in Manage | scripts. It is not a calculation field. You need both, the calculation field to compute the birthday date for this year and the script which is performed to find the records of those who have a birthday.

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                Well I entered everything and the pop up comes up when I run the script, but not automatically when I open the file.  Also, it doesn't show any results as seen below.

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                  The "month's birthdays" should be listed on the layout behind this dialog box. You may want to create a special layout for this purpose.