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    FM 12 Pop-Up Reminder to Contact a Client



      FM 12 Pop-Up Reminder to Contact a Client


      I am developing my first Filemaker database and I want to make a pop-up reminder.

      I am making a contacts list and I will add a date field for the last time I contacted a client.  If I haven't contacted them in 45 days, I want a reminder to pop up when I open the database and show me everyone that needs to be contacted.  

      This would be great if possible, butnot necessary.  If I could have a check box on that list beside the contacts that could be checked off to signify I have contacted them, which would update the contact's info, it would be amazing.  I understand this second part is much more difficult, but I thought I would at least ask.  Thank you very much for any help you can give me. 



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          This can be done in a fashion similar to your question about birthday reminders.

          The script:

          Enter find mode [] //clear the pause check box
          Set field [Contacts::DateOflastContact ; "<" & Get ( CurrentDate ) - 45 ]
          Set error capture [on]
          Perform find []
          If [ Get ( FoundCount ) ]
             Show Custom Dialog ["These contacts have not been recontacted in the last 45 days"]
          End If

          You could also include other search criteria in this script to omit contacts where you do not intend to make follow up contacts.

          There are two ways you can do what you want with your check box, but I'm not sure you really should use a check box. The second time you go to click this check box, you'll find it was already selected the last time. You may want to use a button instead.

          One option is to set up your date or timestamp field with an auto-enter setting that auto-enters the current date or timestamp each time the record is modified. You can then get this field to update just by changing the value of a single field.

          The other option is to use a script, which need only have this single step:

          Set Field [contacts::yourdatefield ; Get ( CurrentDate ) ]  // you can also use get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) to modify a time stamp field

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            Hey Phil.  I am having a little trouble following this script, but I think linking it to another auto-populated field I have could make it easier.  In addition to the "Last Contact" field I created that is the place I enter the actual date I last contacted them, I made a field "Days Since Contact" which shows the exact number of days since I last contacted them.  

            Would it be easier if there were a popup simply based on "if Days Since Last Contact > 45"

            Thanks again for the help.  I apologize I am so green at Filemaker.

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              There is no need for the extra calculation field. That difference is adjusted for in the set field step that specifies search criteria.

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                I figured out part of my problem on this script and the birthday reminder:  I didn't have the "Message" field  for the Show Custom Dialog filled out.  I can get it to show just the name, but how would I get it to show their name and the date I last contacted them?  I also made a couple of the contacts have birthdays this month to see how it would work, but it is only showing one result and two have birthdays this month.  Thanks.

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                  You could set up a calculation that combines the name and date of last contact in the message box, But  keep in mind that you may find more than one record. YOu may want instead to set up the layout where the find is performed to list the names and date of last contact so you have a list presented to the user.