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FM 12 To IOS Device

Question asked by user14040 on Apr 26, 2012
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FM 12 To IOS Device




Now that FilemakerGo 12 is free will at some point Filemaker allow creation of a Iphone or Ipad app conversion so solutions created in Filemaker 12 can be put in the AppStore.  


I see they have it easy for you to create a runtime version and I read on the FMGO forum that the runtime version are already formatted for IOS devices but you just dont have a way to put it in the AppStore.


I really hope this feature is added soon, I do have a app in the appstore based off of filemaker pro advanced 11 solution but it is based off of FMtouch service (which I got rid of because they were terrible) it was extremely limited, most of the features I had did not work.  


Now I am trying to sell my solution on my website but would be much better if I can put it in the appstore.

I am looking into FMMigrator which says can convert a filemaker solution into a LiveCode app then LiveCode can convert into a Apple App.


I hope Filemaker make this feature available soon.