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FM 12 vs FM 13 Layout Scaling differences

Question asked by Chrislikespie on Feb 12, 2014
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FM 12 vs FM 13 Layout Scaling differences


     I’ve noticed that on Windows OS, the layout scaling on FileMaker 13 appears exaggerated (+ 10%ish) when compared with FM 12. I’ve traced this bizarre behavior to a Windows OS setting (Control Panel>Personalization> Display )
     The Windows default setting is set to scale the screen resolution to 125%. Thus increasing the apparent size of objects on the screen. All other versions of FileMaker handle this setting normally along with all other windows applications, but FileMaker 13 seems to draw it’s layouts much larger than necessary.
     Does anyone have a work around for this BUG? (Other than to reset the OS Display to 100%)
     PS: Please see sample image. The top part shows FileMaker 13, the bottom is FileMaker 12