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FM 13 05 Import Table not visible

Question asked by synergy46 on Jan 27, 2015
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FM 13 05 Import Table not visible



I have a Membership application which has a Military Awards table in a 1 to many relationship and a 'popup' table to supply Award choices to the Military Table:: Awards field.  And, there is a table that is a duplicate of the Military popup table called Default Military Awards .

Military Awards has a table (Military Popup) that just holds:  PK and AwardName.  It is used as the source for a popup on the Military Awards::Awards field.  This works.

But, Military Awards and Military Popup are *new* tables to this app.  I can use the usual script steps to delete Military Awards and then Import Military awards POPUP (if present) from the prior version.  This results in Military POPUP being empty.

Prior to import, Military POPUP comes populated with a listing of 97 'default' awards.  I would like this default listing to be an option / choice to the user.  I thought I could put a button "Install Default" on the layout and then import the Default Military Awards table into the Military Popup table.  

But, the import script step will not recognize Default Military Awards as a Source???? Huh?

I have tried to create a 2nd instance in the relationship window but that doesn't work.  

What do I have to do?