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    FM 13 Adv Summary field...



      FM 13 Adv Summary field...


           Surely there is an easy way to do this; I just can't think of it... grrr

           I have two tables:

                   #1 Accounts
           >>> #2 Transactions


            Account Number
           Account Description
           Budget Amount
      SumBudget = Summary(Budget)


           Check Number
           Check Amount

           Everything works.  But, I can put SumBudget in the header of my Accounts total and it shows the sum.  Good.


           I put the same SumBudget field on my Transactions layout and it does NOT show the Accounts Budget summary.  Instead it shows the total for a single Transaction budget line.   (I am in LIST view).

           It doesn't make any difference if I make Accounts::SumBudget global or I change it from a summary field to a calculated field with a sum(Accounts::Budget) which is or is not global.... Nothing seems to let me put Accounts::SumBudget on Transactions.

           I can probably script something that will 'carry' Accounts::SumBudet to a field in Transactions::SumBudget but that seems like a hassle.  

           Is there a simple, "Filemaker" way to do this without having to script it?




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               The summary field is doing exactly what it was designed to do, just not what you want it to do. wink

               When you place a summary field defined in a related table on a layout, the summary field will compute an aggregate value (total) based on the set of records in the related table that are linked to the current record in the layout--which would probably be a single record in Accounts in this case.

               One solution is to define a new relationship to a different Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? of accounts that matches to all account records (such as by using X instead of = as the relationship operator) and then select your summary field from this occurrence of accounts. Since the relationship matches to all records, you then get a total based on all records.

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                 As usual, you provide a clear, concise explanation.  Thank you!