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    FM 13 IF statement not working... huh?



      FM 13 IF statement not working... huh?


      There are two tables:  Members and Military Awards.  Some members belong to the military and some of those have received awards.  So, there is a 1 to many relationship between members and militaryAwards.  No problems with this.


      I have a layout with 2 radio buttons (globals).  In the attached script you can see that I do a preliminary FIND and then do a constrain according to which buttons are pressed.

      The problem is that as I step through the script, even though the values in the globals are present, the IF statement and the ELSEIF statements do NOT recognize the values.  If I move the values out of the IF...ELSEIF... it works.

      So, can you see what is going on?  I am stumped.