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FM 13 selected field Text Highlight Color

Question asked by Annette on Apr 7, 2015
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FM 13 selected field Text Highlight Color


Hi all,

I'm using FM 13 Advanced.  On a layout I have selected the forest theme.  The fields/text for this theme are rounded fields with a green font color.  All good.  But, when you click into a field the text gets highlighted in a dark purple color until you move out of the field then goes back to normal.  The entire field background doesn't change, just a highlight feature on the text itself.  I cannot find out to change this, anyone have any ideas? 

I have looked through the inspector - Field - Pressed, etc but I don't see it there, unless I'm just missing it.  It's just that you can't read the text easily with the dark color it's defaulted to.

Thanks in advance for your help!