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FM 13.0.5 Mac - Part Color LOCKED in Table View

Question asked by WQuattlebaum on Dec 8, 2014
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FM 13.0.5 Mac - Part Color LOCKED in Table View


I've done searches for "Part Color Locked" and "Part Color" and "Table Color" and the closest match to my question deals with alternate background color in LIST LAYOUT and does not work for my Table View question.

I have created a fresh FM 13 Mac database with a single field and confirm the same problem occurs.

I want to alternate the colors of the rows in the Table View. Instructions say to Right Click on the left or right edge and select "Part Color" or "Alternate Color". I see the color table showing but the "Part Color" says "Locked". Even though the Alternate is NOT showing Locked selecting any color has no effect on the row colors. Right clicking again shows my selected color is still chosen (Highlighted) in the color table but nothing I do will make the color change nor have I found a way to "unlock" the Body Part I am trying to change.

I've attached a screen capture of the menu I see when right-clicked. It shows "Part Color - Locked."

Bases on the above referenced Forum "List View" suggestion I've tried using the Inspector in Layout mode but it does not change anything for the "Table View."

Thank you for any/all suggestions.