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FM 14 - Attachments in the Send eMail script step?

Question asked by hoib on Jun 25, 2015
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FM 14 - Attachments in the Send eMail script step?


I'm  on FM14 Pro Adv with Win 7 and Win 8.1.

I created a folder under the root of C: called "FM_eMail_Attachments".  Let's just say there are some .docs and .pdfs already sitting there.  In the "Send eMail" script, I know that FM does not have the ability to "shell out" to provide a Windows dialog UI that will show these files and allow the user to select one.  I'm thinking I have to "roll my own" list on a layout in the FM UI path, and show the user what's in the folder in a dynamic drop down value list before I can then show the user what file to select.  In a List view?

So, I need to know if I can ask FM to drill down to the FM eMail Attachments folder, and return the list of files contained therein?

Any possibility?