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    FM 8 Pro Printing Garbage



      FM 8 Pro Printing Garbage


      FM recently developped a strange problem of printing garbage instead of proper text. Form elements come out correctly, but any filled text comes out as completely random charactes.


      I've tried reinstalling FM, reinstalling printer drivers and using a different account on the same machine with same results. I've also tried printing to several different printers including PDF and garbage comes out every time.


      Printing the same document on a different computer works just fine.

      I'm out of ideas.


      Any help appreciated.

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          Thanks for the post...sorry for your frustration.


          I'm not sure if it is included in your reference to reinstalling printer drivers, but are you sure the font you are using is supported by the printer?


          I have one dbase here that someone else manages...they love Helvetica and my PC/local printer doesn't.  That dbase prints out garbage on my printer but works fine at other stations...


          Just a thought.  You could check by changing one text field to Times New Roman (NOT 'Times') and see if it prints any differently...

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            I can't belive it was that simple :-)

            Changing font to TNR worked like a charm.


            Is there any way to set Times New Roman as a default font or do I have to change it for every text field in the  DB?


            Thanks for your help

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              Good News/Bad News,


              Good news: You don't have to change them all individually.  You can group them by Shift+Click selecting (or area selecting with a drag box) and change a bunch at once.  Make sure you want TNR as opposed to Arial, Geneva or other...do the big change only once.


              Bad News: It'll hurt enough even doing it the once depending on how many layouts you have, and it may squidge your layouts around a little bit, especially in portals where space can be tight.  Be careful and keep your eyes open.


              If there's a way to "Set All Text Field Fonts to This", I don't know of it, and I'd be a little afraid to use it anyway.  I also haven't had much luck with setting the default font going forward...FMP seems like it remembers the last font you chose and makes that the default for the next new field you drop in.  Can be useful, can be awkward...

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                The forms we use are relatively simple so layout is not really an issue. I will try to change everything to TNR and hopefully it will stick as default.


                Thanks a lot for your help!

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                  This thread is also valid for other FileMaker version !

                  Now rather than a workaround to the problem, here's a solution (but thanks to Ninja for pointing me in the right direction :) !

                  Just go to:

                  Settings > Control Panel > Fonts

                  and delete all fonts starting with Times WITHOUT THE WORD "NEW" in the name !!!
                  (otherwise you'll delete Times New Roman aswel which is pretty much needed ;)

                  The other times are probably installed by some programs (like HP print gadgets, etc...) and are absolutely not needed.