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    FM 8.5 and SMTP Server



      FM 8.5 and SMTP Server


      TSGal, in the bug forum you responded to a post about a problem with FM 8.5 and OS 10.6.2 sending an Excel email attachment; "I then pulled down the File menu and selected Send Mail, and attached the Excel file. Since I didn't have an email client set up, I had to change it to SMTP Server, and it ran successfully." 


      How did you change it to SMTP Server, I thought that was only possible with FM 10?

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          That information is definitely wrong!  Since the posts were a week apart, I was obviously focused on the previous post and not the initial post, and the only thing I can think of is that I performed the latter example using FileMaker Pro 10.  I will go back to that post, apologize, and test it out again.


          Thanks for catching that!



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