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FM 9 and Snow Leopard Update

Question asked by quantumparticle on Mar 19, 2010


FM 9 and Snow Leopard Update




I am new to FileMaker, so please bear with my ignorance.  I am updating some client systems to Snow Leopard and they are running FM 9.  The knowledge base says that FM9 works with Snow Leopard, with some caveats. 


I am wondering what people have found to be the best procedure when updating to Snow Leopard...


Option 1:  Uninstall FM9 then Update to SL w/ Rosetta support, then reinstall FM9

Option 2: Update to SL w/ Rosetta and pray that FM9 continues to work properly


I would appreciate some feedback as to which (if either) is the best path to updating these systems so that FM9 does not break.  If anyone has any other advice or anything else I should be aware of, I'd appreciate that too.