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FM as webhost? Bad or Good??

Question asked by MarkJohnson on May 18, 2011


FM as webhost? Bad or Good??


So, Im VERY new to FM but exited to explore all it's capabilities.  I want to create a website for my business that will be rather complex, the "first contact" point between my company and the customer.  It needs to be tech savvy, have the correct info, have checkout capabilities and, most importantly, play in the sandbox with FM Pro as FM Pro is going to be the mainframe for my business.  My FM Pro designer says - "FM is great for running your business but balky at running a website."  A few other web developers seem to be split 50/50 on this issue - Can FM Pro really handle a complex website?  When we do a lit drop, we'll drop 10,000 pieces in one day.  The lit will point the customer to the website to sign-up for our services, could be lots of hits in a short period of time... Can FM handle it?  Can it handle a QR code?  Our lit will have a QR built-in.  One website developer even went so far as to say the even File Maker says for complex websites, use a third party host.  Is that true?  I can't find that information anywhere on the FM website or in any of the previous forums.  Surprised