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FM BUG!!???!!!   I am really frustrated by this one!!!! Plz help...

Question asked by synergy46 on May 22, 2009
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FM BUG!!???!!!   I am really frustrated by this one!!!! Plz help...


The above is a simplification of the real application but it does show the problem.  (Yes, "Allow creation of records" is turned on in the 'many' toc)


Layout is based on Customers.

Portal is based on Transactions


The first field of the portal is which is a popup based on a Value List: and Customers::CustomerLast.


When I click the popup, it pops up all the names as expected.  When I select the name it acts a little weird in usually selecting some other name than the one I want.  I usually have to make a second selection to get the one I want.  I can do this in succesive rows without a problem.


However, if, when finished, I click outside the portal, all the portal rows with entered data are deleted.  Poof!!!!


I have opened a 2nd window and put Customers in it and watched as I made selections.  The Customers record pointer does not move????  Does that have something to do with it?


Anyway, I have read several books and and gotten confirmation on the forum that I am doing it correctly but it DOES NOT WORK!!!???   So.... is this a bug?????  (because of it's problem's obvious nature I conclude that I am doing something wrong but can't see what it is!!!  Can you help?