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    FM compatible w POS scales?



      FM compatible w POS scales?


           Am wanting to integrate a point of sale scale to weigh produce such that the weight would show up as a field variable.The POS scales with USB output state "Software Must Support M-S HID USB or OPOS.

           Does FM support this, or another standard that would allow me to integrate a digital scale?


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               It's possible, but expensive and you'll have to work with your location's weights and meaures folks to achieve any certifications that they may require that you get.

               There's a pretty expensive Troi plug in that allows you to pull data from a device connected via USB. You can create your own script to use that plug in to read the USB connected device, but from my own conversations with a weights and measures official, that can be just the start as you have to be able to prove to them that your software is accurately reading the scale under all reasonable uses of the scale.

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                 Thanks! That should be fairly easy to prove: Do an A/B comparison with a conventional scale on a range of item weights. The accuracy of one very inexpensive scale is .2 of an ounce. Will have to find out if that's sufficient but can't imagine it wouldn't be for weighing fruits and vegetables which will always weigh more than one ounce. But will check this out.

                 Now I'll need to find out what a Troi plug in is. smiley




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                   Troi Ametesering (sp?) is a long time producer of plug ins for FileMaker. Do a web search for USB Filemaker Plug In and you should get a hit pretty easily.

                   You'll definitely need to talk to whatever regulator is responsible to figure out what hoops you need to jump through. As far as I know, you have to code for two conditions: 1) determining that the value read from the device is "stable" (the value returned stops fluctuatiing outside of a minimum range) 2) confirming that an error is not being returned by the device due to its capacity being exceeded.

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                     FROM A SEARCH - FROM ANOTHER FORUM

                     Some scales send the weight constantly over the serial port, or virtual serial port for some USB models. Often you'll be able to download a 'virtual' serial port driver for your scale, even if it's USB.
                     If the scale conforms to HID, then programming a plug-in to read it will be very simple: http://www.lvr.com/hidpage.htm for a good start; just join this code with the plugin template from Filemaker advanced.
                     You can probably also read a virtual serial port with the free ScriptMaster plugin, though I haven't tried doing so. Try using ScriptMaster with http://rxtx.org/ to access the port for FREE.
                     FWIW, I've used Troi serial, but it was many, many years ago, when the plugin cost was maybe 1/20th what it is now.


                     think that the easiest way to communicate with any scale with FileMaker or with any software, is with the software BillRedirect http://www.billprodu...llscalebalance/ from the company BillProduction. This small software can interface any scale (Serial RS232 or USB)
                     USB Scales example: Mettler Toledo, Pitney Bowes, Fairbanks, X.J., CHARDER, Pelouze, SANFORD, DYMO, Endicia, ELANE XM, UNITED STATES POSTAL SCALES PS30USB/PS311 30-LB DIGITAL USB POSTAL SCALE.
                     Serial RS232 Scales manuals: http://www.billprodu...irect_scale.pdf
                     USB Scales manuals: http://www.billprodu...t_scale_USB.pdf


                     We had an exchange via email a year or more ago on this subject after your post. I bought the Troi plug-in (yeah, that cost an arm and a leg) but ultimately it looks like I'll be using the billproduction.com product that Jack linked to above. I'm testing it now on a windows 7 system w/ direct USB to a Fairbanks digital scale and in testing it works like a charm. The documentation is peculiar but VERY clear. I'll be implementing it this week on my clients with Windows. For my Mac clients I'll continue working with the Troi product. I got that working beautifully but ran into difficulty with some Ohaus Defender 3000 scales (either Ohaus has some quality control issues or my Tripp Light USB/Serial adapter is frying their logic boards. Anyway, the Troi product was useless with the Fairbanks Ultegra scale that only has a USB port.

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                       Thanks David! I'm saving that link to Bill Direct. We have scales here that I keep hoping we will interface with the database and this looks like a better option than the Troi plug in....

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                         Many companies are offering scales with USB ports. These scales are easy to use and you can adjust and connect these scales with your computer or any other device which you want to use. Why not you try one of them for getting accurate result.