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FM Contact Managment DB -- Invoices/purchases

Question asked by ScottWright on Dec 18, 2011
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FM Contact Managment DB -- Invoices/purchases


Ok I am moving from my MYOB bookkeeping software from Bestware into my own premade FM bookkeeping.

I am still new to FM for only a few months now.  

Step 1

Is their a way I can change customers in the Invoices and Vendors from the purchases to pull from the contacts manager?

I will be adding a new field in contacts manager to sort each contact:  Customer / Vendor / Employee.

Step 2

How to make the invoices pull up only customers and purchases bring up vendors and employee's.


Or am I just going to have to make from the Contacts Manager a new invoicing/purchasing module?

I am trying to find an easy way of doing this.


My contact manager file has alot of additional fields.  Exporting and importing into customers is out of the question.

One purpous of doing this, is to have one made address book, sorted by the three catagories.

PS: Is their a way to get the contact management, invoices and purchases into one file.  I down loaded the premade invoices and purchases module.

Anybody else that has done this, what way did you take on doing this conversion?  Any better ideas or solutions.

Or do I just have alot of codding to do?