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FM crashes when linking to external files

Question asked by davidfroehlich on Aug 9, 2010


FM crashes when linking to external files



one of my customers has problems with his filemaker.

In his solution it is possible to add an external file to a record, this works just fine for all other users of my solution in that network. on his computer, when trying to add a file reference to a record the windows-file open dialog opens. When the folder contains a lot of files and the user scrolls to the end of the folder FM sometimes crashes without any kind of dialog or message.

He does not have this problem when opening the folder with the open dialog in another program.

The folder is a remote folder on a server, which is mapped via windows external drive, the folder where the crash is caused is ~5gb big and contains around 5000 files.

In use is the FM Pro 11.02 and Windows XP 32bit

i would appreciate any kind of help and response

thank you in advance