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FM file reverted to earlier date - data lost

Question asked by JerryRaz on Feb 21, 2012
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FM file reverted to earlier date - data lost


I've used FM for years.  I bought a new version in 2010 when I switched to a Mac.  I entered new data and records w/o problem up to last week.  Today I discovered that my entries have disapeared all the way back to Oct 29, 2011.  I tried to find a restore date in Time Machine that would bring the file up to date, but every date I checked, going back, shows the file as last modified on Oct. 29, 2011.  Apple told me that the problem is with the FM software (though I found the same problem with Excel...coincidence?)  What should I do?  Is my software corrupted?  I'm afraid to go back and re-enter 4 months worth of data if it's likely to disappear again.  Help!