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FM Find function similar to SQL IN ?

Question asked by jonnyt on Oct 6, 2011
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FM Find function similar to SQL IN ?


I have a list of a hundred ID's that I need to do a regular search on.

The ID's are for customers.


So I need to find customer 1523, 1458, 1354, 1358, 1353 etc etc - the list is about 100 long.

We need to find these on a weekely basis and include a date range.

With SQL you could do something like Select * from customers where ID IN "1523, 1458, 1354, 1358, 1353"

The beauty of this is that I could bui8ld the statement from a list of ID's in a minute or so using find/replace in notepad++


I need to implement something similar in a script, but I have 20 of these scripts to build and manually pasting in each individual ID is going to take all day if not more.

So does anyone have any ideas how I can build this search script?


Can I do it with constrain found set?