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FM keeps asking for sort order

Question asked by grouper on May 7, 2014
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FM keeps asking for sort order



     I 've created a list of various clients which contains the appointment date and the payment for each appointment. The layout has a subsummary part added which contains the total amount paid by month, based on a calculation (month-year) and a summary field (total payment).

     The subsummary shows only when the records are sorted according to the month field (which is a calculation). However, within each month, the appointment dates presented in the list are not sorted chronologically. In order to overcome this, I initially added a script, using the sort by field option, with 2 steps : first sort by month and then sort by date. This however, makes the subsummary disappear. I then tried to make the sorting in one step, the using the "sort" option. In the dialog box, i moved first the month and then the date to the right box. However, whenever this script runs, FM pops up the dialog box with the sort fields options again, and I have to click yes in order to get it to work.

     Can I get it to work without popping up this dialog all the time?