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FM layout transitions?

Question asked by DustinGimbel on Dec 21, 2010
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FM layout transitions?


I'm building a layout that is specifically built for iPad use and Filemaker Go. My load times between transitions has a slight lag. I'm wondering is there anything built into FMP that can enable transitions or fade outs between layout pages? Something similar to a Power Point transition? Right now it transitions in block form the bottom left corner counter-clockwise. It's a tad distracting to the consumer navigating the layout. 

I've compressed my graphics as PNG-24 and optimized them in ImageOptim. The file size is only 12KB and still there is a lag! Why is this? It's a tiny file that transitions from one layout to the next. Is this something that FM Go can't handle? Or is it the low RAM in the iPad?  

Thanks for your help!