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FM Not Really Deleting a Portal Record

Question asked by lloyddd on Sep 2, 2010
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FM Not Really Deleting a Portal Record


I am starting to feel the need for a good exorcist with my recent issues.  Has anybody else encountered this?

PROBLEM: User clicks on button in a portal row with a single "Delete Portal Row" command.  Portal row does not dissappear and record appears to remain.  Portal is setup to allow the deletion of portal records and user has privlages to delete record.

Going to the related table shows that the record is missing and the full record count is one less than before the "Delete Portal Row".  However, if I run a find by the deleted records serial number it comes up.  Show all it dissapears and FM does not count it as a record.  Happens with full access.

Kind of baffled on this.

FM11 Advanced Windows and Mac
Database is hosted on FM server.