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    FM not responding



      FM not responding


           When trying to print, FM status is Not Responding, and the program must be chosed. This occurs with any file tried, and the printer works with other applications. I'm at a loss to know how to troubleshoot. This occurs with Label Print in the example Contact file. It has printed in the past.

           Where should I look for a problem? BTW, using FM Pro Advanced 12.0v3


           Jim C

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               I ment to ask, "Where should I look for a problem [solution]?

               Was my first post too poorly stated to receive an answer, is there no answer, or are my expectations too optimistic. It was my first post, and I don't know what to expect. I'm not asking about relational database stuff, more about FM operation. Is there a more appropriate forum for this question?

               Jim C

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                      It has printed in the past.

                 Has anything changed for your computer or database since you were last able to print?

                 I can see that you have tried more than one file. Did you try this with a small, newly created test file?

                 Here's a general check list you can check to see if there is anything that you haven't already tried:

                 Figuring out why FileMaker is crashing can require some sleuthing to rule out possible issues.

                 Basic diagnostic tests to perform when you get frequent crashes or “hangs”:

                 Does the crash only occur with a specific file?
                 Test by creating a small sample file and see if opening it and working with it also generates a crash. If it crashes too, the problem likely lies with the computer or it's installation of FileMaker. If it does not crash, it becomes more likely that there is a problem with the file.

                 To check for possible problems on a specific computer, you may want to run a utility to check out the hard drive and also to check out the user accounts on that computer for possible problems.

                 To rule out some other issues with your specific computer on Windows systems,

                 Select Run from the start menu and type in:


                 Then, under the Services tab, you can stop all non-Microsoft services. If this solves the issue, then you need to look at what services you stopped and see which is one is the culprit.

                 What is reported when you recover the file?
                 The file could be damaged. Not only can file damage cause crashes, but the crashes (or forced quits after a "hang") can damage your file. You may need to test a recovered copy to see if it works without crashing.

                 Things to keep in mind about Recover:

            1.           Recover does not detect all problems
            3.           Recover doesn't always fix all problems correctly
            5.           Best Practice is to never put a recovered copy back into regular use or development. Instead, replace the damaged file with an undamaged back up copy if this is at all possible. You may have to save a clone of the back up copy and import all data from your recovered copy to get a working copy with the most up to date information possible.
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                   Test Post, last one was rejected.

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                     Post Test - last two were rejected, one with error, one not.

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                       Any changes in System or Software? FMP Plugin added? Fonts added? Printer driver updated?

                       Logging into a different or new user and testing may point to System or User problem.

                       Printer is local or networked.  Another printer available for testing?

                       Temp file and cache deletion with CCleaner or other utility may help.


                       Reinstalling FMP is sometimes the solution.

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                         Stopping non-MS services solved the problem. Now it is going to take some effort to find the faulty service. I will report back. Thanks for the help. I don't know how I would have found this otherwise.


                         Jim C

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                           Stopping non-MS services is a hint that I picked up from TSGal here in the forum.

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                             I suspect that turning off all non-MS services will have turned off the Bonjour service. I think I would pick that one first to investigate.

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                               I wish it were as simple as Services. I believe it has to do with FMP Find. My previous conclusion that services were the problem didn't prove to be true. It appears that printing works untill I perform a Find. I did the following sequesces to demo this.

                               Find seems to cause FMP Not-Responding after attempt to print. File has 6 records. These sequences demonstrate problem:

                               1: Open, Print, - OK

                               2: Open, Find, Print - Fail

                               3: Open, Find, Preview, Print – Fail

                               4: Open, Print – OK

                               5: Open, Find, Preview, Exit Preview – Fail

                               6: Open, Find, Show All, Print – Fail

                               7: Open, Print – OK

                               Regardless of operations after Find, Print fails. Once FMP is closed, print will work until the next Find is executed. Sequence 6. indicates that it is not a problem of viewing a subset of records, but rather having done a Find. FMP was closed after each sequence.

                               Persistance of this situation will render FMP useless, which can't be the case. I'm inclined to believe the problem must be me or my system, but what?

                               Jim C


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                                 Is it Find in Filemaker? Or Find in that particular database?

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                                   One complication to carefully rule out is that crashes can damage a file, resulting in crashes due to the file damage rather than the original cause of the crashing. Make sure that you can confirm this behavior with a brand new, never crashed test file to rule out that possible complication.

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                                     Current status:

                                1.           Find is the Find in FMP
                                3.           Sent file to colleague with FMP and it works for him
                                5.           Bonjour is disabled
                                7.           Created new file with 4 fields and 4 records: below

                                ID Name Num Color

                                     1 Jim 100 Red

                                     2 Tim 200 Blue

                                     3 John 300 Green

                                     4 Dave 200 Blue

                                1.           Would not print
                                3.           opened old file. would print until Find executed
                                5.           Opened new file. It does not appear in Recent Files list

                                Just closed FMP and re-opened new file. It printed. Did Find, and it failed to print (same as old file). Also, it now appears in Recent File list.

                                     So, old and new file have same fail mode. Bonjour is disabled. File works on colleague's system. Something in my system causes a Find in FMP to result in FMP not responding when Print attempted.

                                     Jim C

                                     BTW, this forum sure responds slow.


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                                       I would now try uninstalling Filemaker (and Bonjour) and re-installing them.

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                                         The Forum isn't 'slow'. 

                                         It is 'glacial', 'torpid', 'stagnant', and maybe even 'comatose'.  I believe I saw a few postings pop up earlier, and they were written in Latin.

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