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FM on trial - not too impressed so far... searching for solutions for the real world

Question asked by timwatt on Dec 2, 2009
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FM on trial - not too impressed so far... searching for solutions for the real world


Hello to anyone reading this...


I've started a trial of FileMaker, hoping to better manage a range of projects, and as stated, although I see a lot of potential and the interface seems great, I'm finding it hard to see I can properly evaluate Filemaker as the solutions provided seem rather half-baked.


My needs, as a small business, are pretty standard. A decent CRM solution for instance. There's bits of one as starter solutions but the Contacts one would surely need to tie in with an Opportunities one and Projects etc. These starter solutions don't tie-together at all in any intelligent way. A previous forum poster asked a similar question and was told this would take some work and wasn't provided with any assistance. Plus, those I've found through searching the Filemaker site appear amateurish and over-priced (Ugly interfaces, clearly not following grown up UI guidelines suggest these aren't worth trying).


Why, when there's popular products like and Highrise out there, isn't there a solution provided by Filemaker? I'd prefer a directly accessible database than one in the cloud. Can I just have one that works?


Are Filemaker compromised in supporting their own product? Lack of CRM seems a big omission (I'd have thought supporting a developer community would be important but of secondary importance to selling the product). 


But, as I said, these developers haven't appeared to have produced a competitive CRM product to date - or are my early impressions wrong?