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FM printing locked to only one position?

Question asked by kurriss on Nov 10, 2009
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FM printing locked to only one position?


The layouts I use, under FM10 PRO, are roughly of 16x9 aspect ratio, so as to take advantage of the additional screen real estate offered by widescreen monitors.


I would like to print, let's say, information on the right-hand 3rd of the screen, however, the printable area (represented by a microdot rectangle in layout mode) is left justified (default) but I can not seem to figure out how to move the microdot rectangle away from the left-hand default position, if this is even possible.


In other words, can the printable area (8.5"x11") be moved to selectively print areas of layouts that are much wider than 8.5"? 


[Note: I have been informed by a very good source that this is not possible, but I am double checking that answer here because it seems to be a fundamental feature of FM, that if it is true, is not there, definitely should be.]