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    FM Pro 10 Newbie: Starter Page Question



      FM Pro 10 Newbie: Starter Page Question


      I'm new to FM Pro 10... attempting to develop a DB for my recruiting company. I'd like something similar to the starter templates that I've downloaded:




      (But MUCH simpler). I just need 3 buttons on a main opening menu screen, that when clicked, will go to different tables (CV's, Client, Requirements). How do I start developing the opening menu page? Do I just go straight to developing a layout with buttons? Then how do I define the buttons?


      This is probably a basic question but I'm stumped... any help would be appreciated!



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             I suggest reading a book on the subject or getting some basic training in using Filemaker. You are correct that this is a basic question. It is so basic that trying to learn this through the forum would take many many posts back and forth. On the other hand acquring some training, either on line or in person, or by reading a book on the subject, you could acquire the basic skills you'll need in a much shorter time frame.
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            Well, I've just started reading "The Missing Manual" which goes into a lot of detail, however I was hoping for a quick reply to get me started.


            My apologies if my question was deemed too "basic" for you to respond with a solution other than "go read a book" (paraphrasing).


            I do have an understanding of database structure and layouts, I was simply looking for some input... if anyone else would care to comment, I'd appreciate it.



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              Glad you have a book to help you get started. I've just been "sucked in" a few times where a simple question like this leads to lengthy tutorials on basic database design and I don't think this forum is an efficient venue for that kind of thing.


              If you want to know how to get started:


              1. Select Layout Mode.
              2. Select "New Layout" from the layout menu
              3. Respond to the "wizard" that walks you through the process of creating the layout you want.
              4. For this example, let's keep it simple. Select "Blank Layout" and click Finish.
              5. At the top of your screen is button called the "Button Tool". It has a hand as part of it's icon and the name will pop up as a tool tip when you point the mouse at it.
              6. Click this tool and draw a rectangle on your layout where you want your button.
              7. The button setup window will popup.
              8. Click the Go To Layout button option.
              9. Select the layout for your table from the specify drop down menu.
              10. Click OK
              11. You'll now see a cursor in the middle of your button.
              12. Type in some text as the name for your button.
              13. Return to layout mode.
              14. Click your new button and see what happens.