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    FM Pro 10 Send Mail Format Problems



      FM Pro 10 Send Mail Format Problems


      Two problems.  First, a Send Mail message was split apart as shown below:


      you. And if you just received a forwarded newsletter, and wish to be on the email list, please send ema
      il to th
      e same address below.

      Secondly, the line returns were ignored.  Multiple paragraphs run together.


      Same display when received by OSX Thunderbird or Gmail.


      Is there a fix?


      Running FM Pro 10.1 on eMac with OSX 10.4.11.

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          Thank you for your post.


          I cannot duplicate the problem on my iMac running System 10.5.6.  This is what I did:


          1. I created a script that uses the Send Mail. 

          2. For the message, I put in a very large paragraph, press returned twice, and entered more text.

          3. I executed the script sending it to a filemaker.com account.

          4. I then changed the script and sent it to a Hotmail account (outside the company).




          Looking at both emails, there were no breaking of lines except for the returns I inserted.


          I then changed the Send Mail scrip to use the SMTP Server instead of Email client.  I repeated steps #3 and #4 above.  Again, both emails did not have any line breaks.


          I do not have a Gmail account, so I did not try there to see if Gmail has a line limitation.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            I eliminated the quote marks at the beginning and end of my message in Send Mail. That allowed line breaks to occur in the received message. The line breaks were not shown in Send Mail.


            But when I reopened Send Mail there were line breaks shown. After a while the first line break changed to a backslash. This was bizarre.  I copied and pasted the message area into Nisus Writer Pro word processor. The line breaks showed, as "graphic characters." That is, they were non-functioning. And, within FM Pro quote marks reappeared at beginning and end of Send Mail message, as if  by magic.  Even more bizarre.


            Question: Do I need quote marks around the subject text and around the message text?


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              Under the Send Mail options, you can click on "Specify" for the Subject.  This takes you to a calculation dialog box, that will accept fields, variables and static text.  All text strings must be in quotes.  Therefore, you could have your calculation say:


              "Dear " & FirstName & ":" & "¶¶" &

              "This is some text."


              If "Charlie" is the contents of the FirstName field, the calculation would result in:


              Dear Charlie:


              This is some text.




              Does that make sense?


              Therefore, when you enter text that doesn't include fields, FileMaker Pro will then surround your text with quotes.


              If you have a quote mark within text, it will then display as \".



              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                Thank you. The example you gave showed me how to get the result I wanted by hand entering quote marks and ampersands.


                Glad you are on this job.  As far as I know, this is not documented in the fmp10 users guide or the help file.


                However, I do not understand>>>"Under the Send Mail options, you can click on "Specify" for the Subject." What options? Where is this in Send Mail dialog box? I tried the triangle to the far right of the Message box.  I selected Insert Text from File. Return characters were entered without quote marks and ampersands. Then one has to manually edit the body of text.


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                  Yes, I was definitely not clear.


                  When you select "Send Mail" from the File menu, a dialog box appears titled "Send Mail", and it contains several options (Send via:, create email or multiple emails, To:, CC:, BCC:, Subject, Message, attach file).  Yes, to the right of the To, CC, BCC, Subject and Message, there are little triangles.  If you click on one, you will see "Specify Field Name..." or "Specify Calculation...", with an additional option for Message "Insert Text from file...".  If you select "Specify Calculation...", you are then presented with a "Specify Calculation" dialog box, which is the same when defining a Calculation field.


                  For the Message option "Insert Text from file...", it is true that quote marks, ampersand and return characters are not entered.  However, FileMaker Pro is smart enough to put these in for you.  If you go ahead and send the information, and immediately pull down the File menu and select "Send Mail" again, you will see the quote marks and carriage return characters.


                  I hope this is clearer.  Let me know otherwise.



                  FileMaker, Inc. 

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                    Since I do not plan to use a Calculation, I simply entered a few sample paragraphs and used carriage returns.  The message was receive properly and, like you said, FileMaker entered the beginning and ending quote marks for the entire multi-paragraph entry and showed carriage returns properly when I re-opened the Send Mail entry box.


                    Thus I do not need to manually enter quotes and carriage returns like I previously thought when simply entering text.