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    FM Pro 11 and Mavericks



      FM Pro 11 and Mavericks


           Does anyone know if the FM Pro 11 issues with OS Mavericks have been resolved with the new updates to Mavericks? All I've seen are posts from last fall. Is FM Pro 11 still not compatible? Has it been tested? Thanks,

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               Given that the latest version of FileMaker is version 13, It is highly unlikely that any updates for FileMaker 11 will be released. I don't work for or speak for FileMaker Inc. in this so I could be proved wrong, but it is very unusual for ANY software publishing company to release bug fix updates for more than the most recent one or two versions of their product.

               (After all, that just keeps us from buying upgrades to newer versions and they do exist to make a profit you know...wink)

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                 You're right, I wouldn't expect FM to update earlier versions but I had hoped that the later updates to Mavericks might make it compatible. I don't see anywhere that 11 was tested again after the Mavericks updates. Some folks say it works fine, some don't. I'd gladly update to 13 but the price is steep considering that 11 works fine...seems like a lot of profit being made on us loyal FM users just to update our OS...