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    FM Pro 11 Conflicts with Mac OS Lion



      FM Pro 11 Conflicts with Mac OS Lion


      I am unable to open a FMP 11 file I created before installiong the new MAC OS Lion on my iMac.  The file is now protected, requiring an account name and password.  I do not recall requiring a password or limiting access priviledges when I created the file.  I have entered my account name (appears on the opening credits of FMP) and just about every password I've ever used.  Same message:  "The account and password you entered cannot be used to access this file.  Please try again."  I tried resetting access on the Get Info page.  Doesn't work.  Any suggestions?  Should I just reinstall the software and start over?  Would this make it more or less likely I can access the file in question?  I've spent hours.  It's very frustrating so any help would be very much appreciated.  This is a financial database file that is cruicial.  Thank you.  Rod

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          This is an update to my question, not an answer unfortunately.  I have read through the all the posts on this subject and passwords/access priviledges in general.  I have tried all the suggested solutions and none work.  FMP will charge me $45 to problem solve this.  Can anyone offer a suggestion or at least advise me what harm can be done if I just uninstall the sofeware and start over?  Thanks you.  Rod

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            Since you haven't listed "all the suggested solutions" I may be suggesting something that you've already tried:

            Try opening hte file by entering Admin as the account name and leave the password box empty. This is the defualt account created when you first created the file so it should get you into the file unless it has been changed at some point. If that works, go to File Options and select the Log in using option with Admin entered as the account name and the password box left empty.

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              Thanks Phil for the suggestion and I apologize I didn't list ALL of the MANY fixes I've attempted, including the one you suggested.  NONE of them worked.  I took the file to a Snow Leopard computer and installed FMP 11 there because all of this nonsense started AFTER I upgraded to Lion.  Even that didn't work.  I finally called FMP Support and convinced them this was an installation problem that should be covered free of charge.  They finally agreed and although I was treated professionally, I was essentially told 1) We've never heard of this problem and 2) It's an Apple problem, not FileMaker.  I advised them to check the forums and they would become enlightened about the problems this is causing.  I agreed, Apple/Lion is certainly at fault as well, but Apple says it is a software problem with FMP . . . so lots of finger pointing.  I am waiting for a FMP developer to call back . . . bottom line, there is nothing FMP can do once a password is lost.  You can buy software to figure out a lost password (very expensive I might add).  My diagnosis:  Lion is the culprit and assigned a userame and password to the file through the keychain process.  I DID FIND A FIX:  Using TimeMachine on my Mac, I went back on the external backup drive to the day before I installed Lion and restored the file . . . it worked and I can open and use it now on Lion.  So my diagnosis is correct . . . Lion corrupted the file by assigning a password I could not recover, although I exhausted every password I've ever used on this computer that could possibly be in the keychain.  Cost?  3 days of pain and suffering.  Do you think I should sue?  :-)  Good luck all.  Rod

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                Markus Schneider

                Lion will not affect Your file IMHO. We migrated from Snow to Lion a couple of weeks ago - not one single Problem (not that we are happy with Lion -  but all of the FileMaker files are fine.

                Is it possible that a crash occurred? Was the file open when it was copied?

                when one gets a problem with access to a file, mostly the file is serious damaged - but not from a well working Lion


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                  there is nothing FMP can do once a password is lost.  You can buy software to figure out a lost password (very expensive I might add).

                  Please explain that password issue.

                  If you used a utility to force open a Filemaker file, that utility may have damaged your file and this would then explain what you have experienced. It is my understanding that such "cracker" utilities modify the original file by inserting a new account and password so that process would be a prime suspect for your file damage in my opinion.

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                    Markus:  I first migrated from FMP 6 to FMP 11 on Snow Leopard . . . no problem either.  It was when I upgraded to Lion that none of the files worked on FMP 11 and I had to sort out the passwork/username issues.  I did except for one file that I originated on FMP 11 while still using Snow Leopard.  There was no crash.  It could not be opened after Lion was installed.  I was able to recover the file using FMP and the log did not identify any blocks or damage.  It was the unwelcomed assigning of a password that caused the problem.  To Phil's question:  I did not use a utility to force open the file . . . if I knew that, I may have tried it as the last resort.  As I described, after installing Lion I could not open the file without giving a username and password, which I had never assigned, so I didn't know what it was.  I tired every password I've ever used in my keychain and every possible username, i.e. guest, admin, the registered name, even created a new account with a new password. I could have set up a new FMP database and tried to important from the file I couldn't open, but I couldn't remember all of the fields to do the import and couldn't risk only part of the data importing.  I was stuck.  My fix to restore the file from the pre-Lion days from TimeMachine worked better than any.  BTW, FMP has not, and I doubt they will, return my call after the developer researched the problem.  We'll see.  I hope this helps you guys as you try to help others.  Thanks again.  Rod