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FM Pro 11 Conflicts with Mac OS Lion

Question asked by RodMiller on Dec 11, 2011
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FM Pro 11 Conflicts with Mac OS Lion


I am unable to open a FMP 11 file I created before installiong the new MAC OS Lion on my iMac.  The file is now protected, requiring an account name and password.  I do not recall requiring a password or limiting access priviledges when I created the file.  I have entered my account name (appears on the opening credits of FMP) and just about every password I've ever used.  Same message:  "The account and password you entered cannot be used to access this file.  Please try again."  I tried resetting access on the Get Info page.  Doesn't work.  Any suggestions?  Should I just reinstall the software and start over?  Would this make it more or less likely I can access the file in question?  I've spent hours.  It's very frustrating so any help would be very much appreciated.  This is a financial database file that is cruicial.  Thank you.  Rod