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    FM Pro 11 Crashes with Charts



      FM Pro 11 Crashes with Charts


           Anyone have any ideas as to why my FM 11 application crashes whenever I try to save a chart setup? I tried creating a new file to test it and it did the same thing.

           I also tried restoring the application from an earlier backup (Idon't have the application on disk)

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               Did you "restore the application" by restoring the database file or the FileMaker Application?

               What OS are you using?

               A re-install of the FileMaker Appliation may be in order where you uninstall the application and then use your installer to re-install the application.

               But it's also possible that some other application isn't "playing nice" with FileMaker. This may be the case even if you have not specifically launched any other Apps as the conflicting app may have been launched automatically and be running in the background.

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                 I am using OS 10.8.4 

                 Filemaker 11.v4

                 It has been ok for quite some time. This problem has only been discovered when I tried to improve my charts.

                 Is there a way of detecting a conflicting app if it launches automatically?

                 I will try doing a re-install of FM8 with the upgrades and see what happens.



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                   Just discovered that I can't re-install FM8 as it was a power PC format.

                   How can I re-install from online?

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                     And FM8 does not support Chart Objects. Charts were a new feature added with Filemaker 11. Are you sure FM 8 was the correct version?

                     You can't re-install from online, but if you registered your purchase with FileMaker, you may be able to get them to send you a new copy of the installer. (But FM8 may be a bit old for that option.)

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                       If you have the updates from FMP8 to FMP11, you can usually just provide the serial numbers from the upgraded version.

                       Some unlikely things...
                       Your hard drive is very close to full - recommended 10% unused.
                       Your directory is damaged, monthly start in Safe Mode (shift key down) to enable repair of boot drive directory.
                       A font used in your charts is damaged or a font cache is damaged. Several utilities will delete font caches. Included FontNuke.
                       Creating a TEST user (if you do not have one) can allow testing in another user account, if the problem does not exist for the TEST user, - the damaged file is in the Preferences Folder in the Library Folder for the User with the problem.

                       Backups are an essential task.