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    FM Pro 11 Fills Blue on Field



      FM Pro 11 Fills Blue on Field


      Hello, I’m another newcomer to FM; have FM Pro 11 Advanced v3 on Windows 7.

      If, after originally entering data, I return to a field (by tabbing or clicking) that has a dropdown value list (field or custom), the fill color becomes a ghastly darkish blue.  If the field already has a fill color that I formatted, the blue overlays my fill color making the data impossible to read.  I didn’t use v2 very long, but I don’t remember that happening in v2.

      The action is nothing I’d ever knowingly format; have I done something weird or is it integral to FM?

      Quite simply, I want it gone!  Is there any way to turn it off or work around it?

      I’d appreciate any help you all could give me.

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          Is the field set to "Select entire contents on entry"?

          Or does this color match the background color of your layout?

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            Thanks for quick reply.

            No, it's autocomplete for all fields.

            Heavens NO, the color matches nothing on the layouts (and it happens on all layouts).


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              Oops, sorry.  No field is set to "Select entire contents on entry".

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                AutoComplete and Select Entire contents are two different settings. They are not mutually exclusive. Thus, it's still possible that Select entire contents is specified for your fields.

                I'm trying to see if this blue highlight indicates that all text in the field has been selected. There are only two ways I can think of to get this color change, the selection color--a windows setting accessed by FileMaker or the background color of the layout which can "show through" on field entry with certain layout setups.

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                  Here's a quick shot of what it looks like.  Have also realized it does same thing if calendar dropdown with icon is used.  Happens in all layouts, no matter what theme I use.

                  Does the blue "border" actually extend behind the layout?  There is something going on between FM and Windows -- if I mouse over the Show Desktop when I'm in FM, the desktop background becomes ribbon-y and I have mine set to a solid color.  Once I click to show the desktop the background reverts to solid color.

                  Does this help at all?

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                    Ok, Played with one of my own files an spotted the issue. As I suspected, the color change is because all the text in your field has been automatically selected on field entry. This is not a separate behavior option like I originally thought. It is an inherent feature of your drop down list formatting--probably the arrow option. When I click on the same type of field in my file as you show in your screen shot, all the text in the field is automatically selected and highlights in blue. If I click a second time, the text is no longer selected and the "blue" disappears.

                    I've been searching my windows control panel settings to see if there are any options for changing the color of selected text, but can't find one for that. Neither are there any preferences settings for this in FileMaker.

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                      AHA!  Got it.  In Windows 7 Color and Appearance, when you select a "window color" overlay, it goes to another screen.  Under the displays there's an Advanced Appearance Settings 'hyperlink'.  After clicking that, you can choose to change the color/font of any one of 21 difference aspects.  I went to Selected Items and changed the color (has basic and custom colors).  Voila.  The change affected every area in Windows where a text or object selection is made - all the Office programs, writing this post, and Filemaker as well.

                      So at least I now have a pale color even though I'd rather have none.  Might need to limit the drop-down lists too.

                      Phil, thanks for checking this out and pointing me in the right direction.

                      Appreciate your help!!


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                        I don't think you'd really want to eliminate all color here for selected text. Knowing what text is currently selected is very important information. In the case of your drop down list fields, it's telling you that if you next press a delete button, that one button press will clear the entire field. It also tells you that if you press ctrl-c you'll copy the entire contents to the clipboard. If you press the x key, the entire contents get replaced with that one letter x...

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                          Thanks for additional info.  Suppose I do need the color, but at least now I can see the contents clearly.

                          Most of my drop-down fields couldn't have spurious info in them because the values are attached to related tables xor validated as well.  I do remember reading a "white paper" that deplored using field validation through the table field set up, but I didn't comprehend the logic of only validating by script.  I'll probably find out the hard way as I get deeper into the database.

                          Thanks again.

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                            Often, table based validation lacks flexibility. The error messages pop up too late in many cases and it can be difficult to create a custom validation error message that is fully comprehensible by the user in cases where the validation gets complex. The main advantage to such validation is that it functions independently of what layout is currently in use so you can have several different layouts for editing data and yet have the same exact validation rules in place for all of them--something that can be harder to achieve with scripted validation.