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FM Pro 11 Fills Blue on Field

Question asked by krancmm_1 on Mar 8, 2011
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FM Pro 11 Fills Blue on Field


Hello, I’m another newcomer to FM; have FM Pro 11 Advanced v3 on Windows 7.

If, after originally entering data, I return to a field (by tabbing or clicking) that has a dropdown value list (field or custom), the fill color becomes a ghastly darkish blue.  If the field already has a fill color that I formatted, the blue overlays my fill color making the data impossible to read.  I didn’t use v2 very long, but I don’t remember that happening in v2.

The action is nothing I’d ever knowingly format; have I done something weird or is it integral to FM?

Quite simply, I want it gone!  Is there any way to turn it off or work around it?

I’d appreciate any help you all could give me.